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Technological superiority

  • Data domain experts

    Provide professional data collection, data processing and data analysis services, and trust us to provide data support, so you can focus more on business implementation in the industry.

  • Data visualization

    Rich data chart, professional data visualization. Give you the ability of data hole search and data value acquisition to the greatest extent.

  • Data integration solution

    Customize the data integration solution that best suits your system requirements.

  • Data report

    Speak with big data and provide professional data reporting services, such as business district report, consumer report, etc.

  • quick response

    Professional data collection team, according to the project data requirements, quickly customized development, to achieve the seamless docking of data and system.

  • Professional customer service

    7 * 24-hour data early warning, professional online question answering, and reliable data service at all times.


Why iDataAPI is selected

  • Very low data acquisition costs, flexible service charges
  • Real-time data collection, accurate data sources
  • Intelligent data monitoring, at any time to obtain data calls
  • Data sources cover more than 20 industries, the type of rich and comprehensive
  • The same type of platform data intelligent integration, structural standardization